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I’m a freelance cameraman that specialises in underwater and other specialist (such as highspeed, motion control, time-lapse and tank-set) cinematography.

A bit about me.
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Photo courtesy of Kathryn Jeffs (Producer ‘Winter’ BBC Frozen Planet)

I have a marine science background with a degree in marine ecology and a masters in marine biology. Subsequently I worked as a researcher and then camera assistant for several years on various productions including the BBC’s Planet Earth, Oceans and Life, gathering experience and camera skills, before shooting sequences for Life (BBC), Desert Seas (Nat Geo), and the recently aired, Frozen Planet (BBC and Discovery). Most recently I have been filming for a couple of the BBC’s upcoming series called Africa and Wild Arabia.

I love experimenting with different types of equipment both on the scuba and camera side of things. I have several hundred hours on various types of rebreathers and as well as owning one of VR Technologies superb Sentinel rebreathers, I also have a much loved and much modified Mk15.5 rebreather. On the camera side of things I’ve shot ultra high speed video underwater (sailfish sequences for the Emmy award winning Life series) and 3D using enormous housed mirror rigs (for Sky3D’s The Bachelor King). I currently own a Red Epic and a Gates Deep Epic underwater housing.

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Over the years I have prototyped and built various underwater time-lapse rigs, culminating in the rig I took to McMurdo, Antarctica (see the picture above) for the BBC and Discovery’s Frozen Planet. With this multi-light and multi-camera rig I was able to time-lapse the formation of a brinicle. If you fancy knowing what a brinicle is have a look here. Or if you fancy seeing how it was filmed have a look here.

The majority of my work has been bluechip wildlife for television and film but I also enjoy presenter documentary work and the chance, occasionally, not to go underwater.

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Photo courtesy of Paul Williams (DOP on The Bachelor King 3D)